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November 25, 2009


RE: RKW, CS CSI Spec & LEED Points

Dear Morris,

In accordance with our service agreement dated 9/3/2009, we have reviewed RoofTopGuard II underlayments with regardtoitscontributiontotheestablishmentofUSGBCLEEDpointsonnewandexistingbuildings. Thefollowing are USGBC LEED points to which RoofTopGuard II could contribute:

  • MR Credit 2.1: Construction Waste Mgt: Divert 50% From Disposal – 1point 
    MR Credit 2.2: Construction Waste Mgt: Divert 75% From Disposal – 1 point in addition to MR Credit 2.1 RoofTopGuard II Contribution: RoofTopGuard II is made from entirely from recyclable materials, thus diverting construction waste from disposal in landfills and incinerators. Per USGBC LEED requirements, one point is granted if 50% of the total waste from the construction project is diverted from disposal in landfills and incinerators. An additional point is granted if the total diverted from disposalis 75%.
  •  MR Credit 4.1: Recycled Content: 10% (post-cnsmr + 1⁄2 pre-cnsmr) – 1 point
    MR Credit 4.2: Recycled Content: 20% (post-cnsmr + 1⁄2 pre-cnsmr) – 1 point in addition to MR Credit 4.1 RoofTopGuard II Contribution: One of the 5 layers of RoofTopGuard II contains 5% recycled content; therefore roughly 1% of the total product is manufactured from recycled content. Since pre-consumer recycled content contributes to this point at half the rate of post-consumer recycled content, it may be advantageous to determine what quantity of the recycled content in RoofTopGuard II is post-consumer.

The above findings are listed here as a guide to the UGBC LEED points to which RoofTopGuard II could potentially contribute. It is not intended as a certification or endorsement of RoofTopGuard II for use in LEED construction.

Please contact our office with any questions.


Brendan Smith
Field Technician


Reviewed by:

Robert Nieminen, P.E.
Vice President