Product Details

RoofTopGuard II is the newest technology in high-performance roofing underlayment. Recommended for use in place of standard underlayments such as 15 and 30-pound felt, RoofTopGuard II blows the competition away when it comes to performance and installer-friendliness.

High-Tech Protection – Hurricane Proven

As a contractor, you know all too well the problems of conventional roofing underlayments– they're prone to tearing and ripping, they're hot and heavy to work with, they're unpredictable in storms. They stick to metal roofing and tear with expansion and contraction. They can be dangerously slippery when wet. The list goes on and on, and add up to increased costs, worries and liabilities for you.

RoofTopGuard II is the high-tech, high-performance answer to these and other problems. Its 5-layer polypropylene/ polyethylene construction results in high strength, while maintaining low weight (under 43 pounds per roll) which makes it suitable for use under all roofing materials. Its 60" width and 10-square roll size speeds installation and minimizes seams so it installs faster, easier and is more secure.

Superior Foot Traction

RoofTopGuard II's exclusive "Fiber-grip" surface is slip resistant offering superior foot traction– independent laboratory tests show RoofTopGuard II has more friction and slip resistance than standard roofing felt, and other polymer-based underlayments can't match it for performance. Its excellent moisture barrier and wide-roll width reduces the need for ice and water protection. And, RoofTopGuard II contains no asphalt or asbestos– zero out-gassing.

Unmatched Product Performance

The bottom line? RoofTopGuard II meets or exceeds all national building code requirements, including Dade County, and consistently out-performs and out-tests conventional underlayments.  In terms of product testing, our tests speak for themselves:  for strength, elongation, UV resistance, watertightness and water vapor transmission,
RoofTopGuard II consistently exceeds the standards.