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Indaco Plant manager Drew Kellar visited RKW at a recent trade show specifically for new roofing underlayment technologies to share with his customers and employees. According to Drew, RoofTopGuard II™ high-performance roofing underlayment with superior strength five-layer construction was an “easy decision.”

“Traditional felt underlayment technology is just too expensive and labor intensive,” said Drew. “We can apply felt underlayment in the morning and the next day we have to do it all over again, because wind and moisture damage can cause the underlayment to wrinkle up overnight. If the felt isn’t completely flat, especially on overlapping seams, a standing seam metal roof will show every wrinkle – and in hot weather, it’s slippery and tears when you walk on it.”

According to Drew, Indaco installs about 100 roofs per year. RKW’s booth was on his list for underlayment samples and information. “We knew exactly what we were looking for and where we wanted to spend our time,” said Kellar. “For me, it’s an easy decision to use RoofTopGuard over traditional felt, especially in Oklahoma where we have severe weather, heavy winds and hail. With RoofTopGuard, you can walk on it, and it has a grip surface. I think it’s a great idea and a great product. It’s an easy decision.” 

Drew Kellar
Plant Manager, Indaco Metals


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I live in Vero Beach, Fl and we recently endured two hurricanes - Frances and Jeanne. During Frances our home suffered severe shingle damage. Two weeks later another hurricane threatened - Jeanne.

A friend of mine told me about a product that his father's company was distributing - Roof Top Guard II. He thought that it might be a good temporary cover for our roof. I purchased two rolls and covered most of my roof. During Hurricane Jeanne, we encountered the northern eye-wall. When the storm had passed and daylight broke, I was pleased to discover that your product held up perfectly. When we installed it, we just followed the directions. I am not a handy man but your product was fool proof. Some of my neighbors said I was wasting my time. "That will never hold during the storm." Around our block people that used tarps to protect their roofs were unprotected; the tarps ripped right off. People that used felt - same result. Thank you for your product. I know that we did not use it for its intended use, but I believe it helped save our roof and thus the rest of our home!

To Contractors who expect the best,

About two years ago I attended a Roofing products trade show and found a product (RoofTopGuard) that was not only new but looked quite interesting. I asked the salesman at the booth about it and he gave me a fifteen second overview of this product. I asked him a few more questions and asked for a sample of this material and continued on my way to the next booth. Later that week I was writing proposals for an up coming job and decided to include RoofTopGuard as an alternate to 15 lb felt paper, which we have been using for many years.

A few months passed and we started the contract that I specified RoofTopGuard instead of felt paper as I´ve found in the past my crew was willing to try new products. We found the RoofTopGuard to be about 50% faster and easier to install than other roofing underlayments. Later that night it started to rain for the next two days. During this time I kept saying to myself the company claims this will stay weather tight for up to three months. After the rain cleared we went back to the site, RoofTopGuard had stood up to its claim and kept the client´s home and it˘s contents dry. Since this first use I specify RoofTopGuard on all my projects large & small. It´s held up to rain, snow, ice and everything else New England´s weather can throw at it.

If you are looking for a roofing underlayment that will outperform all others and let you sleep well at night knowing the inside of your projects will stay dry. I recommend RoofTopGuard & RoofTopGuard II with improved non slip surface.

Robert Campbell
Robert Campbell, R.D.C. Home Improvement, LLC.